Internal EP

by Wake The Fallen

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Available July 1st


released July 1, 2014



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Wake The Fallen Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Invoke
Track Name: Internal
Look past the mirror's gaze
Look into the world within, you

We are the ones of infinite design
[We ..can.. create]
We are the ones of infinite creation

Deeper we search, only to find that we are not alone
And we will become the ones who will never suffer again
Never again !
We look, deeper and deeper into our selves
Only to find that everything is gone

Deeper we will drown in the sea, of glass
Only to sink [into the abyss] never to find what is within

How can this be;
How can I be set free?
And now we discover the life within,
the life within ourselves!
We are the light.
Track Name: Feeding The Nightmare
Greed wreath and power are theses the things that make a man
We are the victims of these selfish ways, forever bound
For a life of disgrace never left from restraint

We are the ones who suffer
No hope for freedom we are the ones to blame
for letting them have it their way

We must burn down the empires that make us slaves
Have faith in our own to become once again
We are blind to their foot steps, we are numb to the pain

We do not stand alone they do not have us under control
Cut the ties
And so we watch as the world burns again

Wasting away everything we’ve ever been
To destroy all that made us.
We watch as we go holding us back from who we really are
Holding us back
Track Name: Assembled In Conviction
We came here for the answers
only to find that were made into a lie
Seeking for the truth
On why we walk in theses circles

We came to you for the answers but none were found
You just spun your web of lies
[You fucking spider]
And as we the masses wept
Tears of despair that keeps us drowning

From the inside
Until the moment
When we will arise

Assembled in conviction

To overcome
To overrun
The legends that never die
[The memories that scar our mind]

The tragedy that plagues mankind
We will not stop searching
For the truth
For who for what we really are

We do not stand alone

We do not fear the dark
We stand here together
Together as one

Assembled in conviction
United one last time
To rip down the architects that made us blind
We will never stand in conviction.